Croisette Films is a joint venture between Janson Media and Cabright Multimedias Connection, focused on the broadcast television and VOD content market in China. The joint venture was formed in January 2012 between Mr. Stephen Janson of the New York-based independent media company Janson Media, and Mr. Wei Jingyi of Cabright Multimedias Connection, a former senior executive at CCTV and Bloomberg in China, who operates out of both Beijing and Toronto, Canada.
Croisette Films focuses on the following business areas:
♦ The acquisition and sale of film adaptation rights (re-make rights) to Chinese movie studios, production companies and investors.
♦ The acquisition of quality, blue-chip, primetime HD and 3D film and television content from North American and European broadcasters and production companies, specifically for the territory of the People's Republic of China, and on behalf of the country's major broadcasters and digital video platforms.
♦ Consulting on behalf of Chinese broadcasters and producers to structure international co-production projects designed for international release, both for CCTV-developed projects and for North American or European-developed projects.
♦ The distribution of Chinese-produced content to North American and European broadcasters and digital platforms.